[ti:Thai King Creates Camp for Unity Training] [by:www.knnrug.live] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.04]Thousands of Thai government workers, police and teachers are being sent to a military camp [00:08.97]for training in community service and loyalty to Thailand's King. [00:16.88]The Reuters news agency talked to trainees, organizers [00:22.84]and an official in the Prime Minister's office about the training program. [00:29.40]They said it was established last year. [00:33.58]The program shows how King Maha Vajiralongkorn is influencing the country's government [00:42.46]and society more than any Thai ruler since 1932, experts said. [00:51.07]That was the year in which Thailand's absolute monarchy ended. [00:58.28]Seven workers who completed the Volunteer Spirit 904 training [01:04.79]told Reuters they woke up before sunrise to exercise. [01:10.16]They also lined up to work on military salutes [01:15.29]before classes on the history of Thai kings and training for community service. [01:23.72]The training lasts from 15 days to six weeks. [01:29.26]Those completing the program are named "Officials in His Majesty's Service" [01:35.88]and told to work to help the monarchy. [01:40.36]Their efforts are followed through messaging apps, the graduates said. [01:47.76]An official at the Prime Minister's office, Theerapat Prayurasuddhi, coordinates the 904 classes. [01:57.50]The Royal Palace directed all questions to his office. [02:03.96]"The King has the royal policy to create unity among the people," Theerapat said. [02:11.60]"Then everything will lead to the people's happiness and a secure nation." [02:18.84]About 3,000 people have completed the classes, he said, adding that the program was "voluntary." [02:28.72]The palace website says the program hopes to create a group of people [02:34.33]to "develop and defend the country and create people who are loyal to the monarchy." [02:42.60]The King is creating public devotion in a way that Thais have not seen [02:48.78]since the end of the absolute monarchy, said Joshua Kurlantzick. [02:55.26]He is with the Council on Foreign Relations, based in the United States. [03:01.40]King Vajiralongkorn is a career military officer. [03:06.90]The training is directed by officials linked to the palace and military officers, [03:13.13]graduates, a teacher and an organizer told Reuters. [03:19.28]Not many details about the program have been made public. [03:24.72]It is linked to another government-led program called "Volunteer Spirit," [03:30.32]which has six million members. [03:34.44]Classes are held at the headquarters of a military regiment [03:38.85]recently put under the king's command. [03:43.16]Graduates told Reuters one of the main ideas of the program [03:47.52]is that the monarchy is the best solution to Thailand's problems. [03:54.08]Thailand is politically divided between military-royalist conservatives [04:00.00]and supporters of populist political parties. [04:05.00]Over the past 15 years, Thailand has had violent political protests [04:11.08]and two times, in 2006 and 2014, the military ousted the elected government. [04:21.44]All political parties have expressed support for the monarchy. [04:28.16]Sinchai Chaojaroenrat has written books on Thai culture and religions. [04:34.50]He says the 904 program is part of an effort [04:38.83]to unite the monarchy with "every government agency." [04:44.84]Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, but the King has a lot of power. [04:52.44]Vajiralongkorn has shown his power in several ways, [04:57.00]say people who closely watch his public actions. [05:02.48]The King personally controls the monarchy's wealth, estimated to be about $30 billion. [05:11.56]Last month, he took command of two Bangkok-based army units. [05:18.16]Since they were started, the 904 courses have been expanded from palace officials, [05:25.24]soldiers, police and government workers to university teachers and even students. [05:33.36]I'm Susan Shand. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 11运夺金走势图遗漏