[ti:Some or Any?] [by:www.knnrug.live] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.04]This week, we answer a question from Eri. [00:04.48]Eri writes: "Hi, VOA Learning English. [00:09.63]I want to know how to use ‘any' & ‘some.'" – Eri [00:15.12]Dear Eri, It often seems like English speakers use the words ‘any' and ‘some' in exactly the same way. [00:25.80]People use both words to describe an amount of something, but usually not an exact amount. [00:35.48]Also, ‘any' and ‘some' often appear in similar sentences or questions. [00:43.96]For example, let us say you are at school and your teacher tells the class to start working on a writing project. [00:54.72]Your friend turns to you and asks a question in one of two ways: [01:02.28]"Do you have any paper?" or "Do you have some paper?" [01:07.44]In both cases, your friend does not have the paper needed to do the work [01:14.84]and is asking if you have extra paper they can use. [01:20.68]But they are not asking for an exact amount of paper, like one or two or even three pieces. [01:30.24]The biggest difference between ‘any' and ‘some' [01:34.16]is that the word you use in your answer depends on the kind of answer you will give. [01:42.08]Let us say you bought a lot of paper at the start of the school year, [01:47.54]so you do have extra that you can share with your friend. [01:52.72]In this case, you will make a positive statement. [01:57.92]You say: "Yes, I have some. Here you go!" [02:03.00]However, let us say you already gave the extra paper you once had [02:09.80]to other classmates and you have no more to share. [02:14.64]In this case, you will make a negative statement. [02:20.08]You say: "No, I do not have any. Sorry!" [02:26.12]But there is one kind of positive statement you can make using the word ‘any.' [02:33.28]That is when someone asks you a question and it is not important [02:39.68]or easy for you to give an exact answer. [02:44.89]For example, let us say your teacher wants you to write about your interests. [02:52.22]So he or she asks you: "What is your favorite movie?" [02:58.24]You think and think, but cannot think of one you like more than others. [03:06.64]So you answer with: "Any movie that has action in it!" [03:12.60]And that's Ask A Teacher! [03:15.40]I'm Pete Musto. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 11运夺金走势图遗漏