[ti:Many Syrian Refugees in Turkey Do Not Want to Return Home] [by:www.knnrug.live] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.04]Many Syrian refugees in Turkey want to stay in the country [00:06.02]although Turkey plans to send them back home. [00:10.92]Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said the government [00:16.44]plans to send up to 2 million refugees back to Syria. [00:21.80]Human rights groups have warned of possible expulsions of refugees. [00:29.40]Many of the refugees have started new lives in Turkey [00:33.82]and see no reason to return to Syria. [00:38.44]Syrian refugee Isam Abdi owns Mandy, a restaurant in Istanbul. [00:47.00]It has been serving people in the Turkish city for more than six years. [00:52.56]"We will not return to Syria," Abdi told VOA. [00:59.28]Abdi left Syria at the start of the civil war. [01:03.24]He arrived in Istanbul speaking very little Turkish and having no contacts. [01:11.24]But he was still able to build a successful business. [01:15.76]He now owns two restaurants. [01:18.66]His children attend college and he sees Turkey [01:23.04]as the only country offering his family a better future. [01:28.88]"Because of the war, it's not safe there," Abdi said of his Syrian homeland. [01:35.96]"They say in Damascus it is safe. [01:39.04]But (there) is no electric, no gas, no nothing... It is easier to live here." [01:46.44]While Istanbul has been good for Abdi and his family, [01:50.85]he admits that other Syrians have had a more difficult time. [01:56.64]"They can't find a job. They are in debt." he said. [02:00.83]"There are some people who want to go back." [02:05.04]Turkey has accepted more than 3.5 million Syrian refugees who fled the war. [02:13.48]The refugees are expected to return to what Turkey considers a safe area in Syria. [02:22.28]The area was taken by Turkish forces in an operation against a Kurdish militia. [02:30.32]But experts have warned that the Turkish government's plan [02:34.44]faces major opposition from diplomats and many refugees themselves. [02:42.52]Soli Ozel is an international relations instructor at Istanbul's Kadir Has University. [02:52.72]"I don't see any reason why (Syrian President) Bashar al-Assad [02:58.00]will want any of those refugees back," Ozel said. [03:03.24]"And he certainly will not take most of them back. I just don't see it." [03:09.40]Last month, an Amnesty International report accused Turkey of [03:14.48]forcing refugees back to Syria this year. [03:19.36]"It is likely that hundreds of people across Turkey were swept up, [03:24.12]detained and transported against their will [03:27.96]to one of the world's most dangerous countries," the report said. [03:34.24]The U.S.-based Human Rights Watch also accused the Turkish government of such actions. [03:41.14]Its report said detentions and forced returns took place in January and September. [03:50.20]Turkey's foreign ministry denied the accusations. [03:54.60]"The claims in the report about Syrians being forcibly sent back, [04:00.11]threatened and mistreated are false and imaginary," a ministry spokesman said. [04:08.36]Turkish officials have said all Syrian refugee returns [04:12.80]will be voluntary and observe all international laws. [04:17.29]The government says more than 350,000 Syrian refugees [04:23.50]have already voluntarily returned to their country. [04:28.80]Erdogan is facing increasing pressure at home to reduce the refugee presence, [04:35.40]which has become a political issue. [04:39.12]Public opinion studies show growing opposition to the refugees in Turkey. [04:45.64]Experts say those feelings are being intensified [04:49.74]by a slowing economy and rising unemployment. [04:54.68]I'm Bryan Lynn. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 11运夺金走势图遗漏