[ti:India’s Capital Restricts Car Use to Improve Air Quality] [by:www.knnrug.live] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.04]Indian officials have banned half of all private vehicles [00:05.17]from operating in the capital, New Delhi, because of poor air quality. [00:12.84]An order announced Monday creates a system based on vehicle license numbers [00:19.78]to restrict personal car use on New Delhi's roads. [00:25.64]Vehicles with odd number license plates are permitted [00:29.97]to operate only on odd numbered dates, such as five, seven and nine. [00:38.04]Those with even numbers can be driven in the city [00:41.47]only on even dates, such as six, eight and 10. [00:48.40]Officials estimate the new rule will keep about 1.2 million registered vehicles off the roads each day. [00:59.52]More than 600 police teams were deployed around the capital [01:04.40]with the power to hand out $60 fines to drivers failing to obey the law. [01:12.04]Officials said the measure will remain in place until at least November 15. [01:20.04]The ban does not affect New Delhi's seven million motorcycles and scooters or public transportation vehicles. [01:31.16]The restrictions were ordered as the city government [01:34.49]declared a public health emergency because of pollution levels. [01:41.08]India's Central Pollution Control Board said on Sunday the average air quality index, [01:48.30]or AQI, for New Delhi was at 494, the highest level since November 2016, when it reached 497. [02:02.80]The AQI is considered good when the number is below 50, [02:08.31]and "satisfactory" when it stays under 100. [02:14.20]AQI levels between 301 and 500 are considered "hazardous" for all population groups. [02:25.04]Air pollution levels across northern India reach their highest level before winter [02:31.48]as farmers set fire to clear their fields after the harvest. [02:37.96]In New Delhi, air quality is also affected by Diwali. [02:43.49]The Hindu religious holiday is celebrated around this time of year [02:48.56]and includes the widespread lighting of fireworks. [02:53.68]Information released by the World Health Organization last year [02:57.89]showed that India had the world's 10 most polluted cities. [03:04.28]Delhi's chief minister Arvind Kejriwal [03:08.24]spoke about the latest air quality in a video published on Twitter. [03:14.60]"There is smoke everywhere and people, including youngsters, [03:19.36]kids, elderly are finding it difficult to breathe," he said. [03:25.96]"Eyes are burning. Pollution is that bad." [03:31.48]The Indian government has blamed more than half the capital's air pollution [03:36.65]on emissions from vehicles and industry operations. [03:42.88]In other measures, officials ordered a temporary ban on work at building projects [03:49.16]and schools were closed until Wednesday. [03:54.08]India's Supreme Court called Monday for state governments [03:58.55]to take steps to reduce worsening air quality [04:02.58]that it said "could not be allowed in a civilized country." [04:08.24]The court added, "This can't go on. [04:11.72]People aren't safe even inside their houses and rooms." [04:18.20]I'm Bryan Lynn. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 11运夺金走势图遗漏