[ti:Cameroon Chemist Recycles Used Cooking Oil into Cleaning Products] [by:www.knnrug.live] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.04]A chemist from Cameroon has found a way to recycle used cooking oil [00:07.25]so it does not end up polluting the environment. [00:13.08]Martial Gervais Oden-Bella makes soap and other cleansing products [00:19.76]out of cooking oil from hotels and restaurants in the southwestern city of Douala. [00:28.72]Most of the businesses used to pour all their oil waste into drain pipes. [00:36.84]Scientists say if used oil is poured down drains or released into nature, [00:44.49]it can pollute water treatment systems and the environment. [00:50.60]The oil waste can also harm animals. [00:55.84]Oden-Bella told VOA he got the idea of recycling used cooking oil [01:02.38]after hotel officials recognized the huge amount of oil their business was using. [01:10.88]The hotel used to release all its cooking oil waste into the environment. [01:16.76]But officials were concerned about the harmful effects this was having. [01:23.68]Oden-Bella thought about a possible solution [01:27.39]and developed a way to create cleansing products from the used oil. [01:34.12]He launched production in 2014. [01:37.56]Today, he operates a business that produces 165 kilograms of soap [01:45.36]and two tons of liquid detergent each month. [01:51.08]Even small businesses have joined in recycling their old cooking oil. [01:57.28]Adeline Monkam makes donuts in Douala. [02:02.16]In the past, she threw out her store's used oil. [02:07.04]But after learning that this can pollute the environment, [02:10.67]Monkam decided to recycle the oil. [02:15.00]Frantz Tafongang is an environmental scientist [02:19.38]who leads Biotex Laboratory, which recycles used oil. [02:26.28]He told VOA the recycling operation reduces pollution [02:31.24]while creating new and valued products. [02:35.92]Tafongang said waste oil can be harmful if swallowed directly. [02:41.66]But if recycled, the oil can be used to produce safe personal care products, he said. [02:50.08]Biotex Laboratory said hotels in Douala alone [02:54.47]produce about 20,000 liters of waste oil each month. [03:00.88]Oden-Bella says too much of that oil is still being thrown away. [03:06.50]He is calling for increased public education [03:10.08]to show people how used cooking oil can be recycled into useful products. [03:17.44]I'm Bryan Lynn. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 11运夺金走势图遗漏