[ti:Astronauts to Make Cookies with New Test Oven] [by:www.knnrug.live] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.04]Astronauts on the International Space Station will soon test a new oven for making chocolate chip cookies. [00:09.32]A spaceship carrying the cooking equipment and other supplies [00:13.88]was launched Saturday from the Wallops Flight Facility in the United States. [00:20.80]The shipment, weighing 3,700 kilograms, reached the space station on Monday. [00:30.12]The goal is to explore the possibility of making freshly baked cookies for space travelers. [00:37.85]American company Nanoracks designed and built the oven [00:43.41]and helped with organizing the flight to the space station. [00:49.04]Hilton DoubleTree hotels supplied the cookie dough the astronauts will use. [00:56.56]In the past, space station crews have created their own pizzas [01:01.99]using a thin, flat piece of bread known as flatbread. [01:08.12]Astronauts have tried other creative ways to make food, [01:12.94]such as creating salads from vegetables grown in the space station. [01:19.12]Results have been mixed. [01:22.35]The cookie baking will be a slow process. [01:26.57]The oven can heat just one cookie at a time. [01:31.06]It could be weeks before the astronauts have time to try out the oven. [01:37.96]Five unbaked cookies have been in a space station freezer for several weeks. [01:45.20]Each is in its own individual clear bag made out of silicone. [01:52.16]The oven can heat foods to temperatures as high as 177 degrees Celsius. [02:00.88]That is twice the temperature of the U.S. and Russian food warmers on the space station. [02:08.68]The oven uses electric heating elements. [02:14.00]Mary Murphy is with Nanoracks. [02:17.55]Murphy said she expects a baking time of 15 to 20 minutes for each cookie [02:25.34]when the oven is heated to about 163 degrees Celsius. [02:32.28]She added that the smell of baking cookies should fill the space station [02:38.04]each time a cookie comes out of the oven. [02:42.32]The Associated Press reported her comments. [02:47.32]The oven's first use will be the real test. [02:51.55]Without the force of gravity, the astronauts do not know exactly how the cookie will look. [03:00.40]Three of the space-baked cookies are to be returned to Earth for testing. [03:07.40]"Baking doesn't always go according to plan, even on the ground," said Murphy. [03:15.48]The American space agency NASA has agreements with two companies, [03:21.59]Northrop Grumman and SpaceX, to keep the space station supplied. [03:28.00]The recent launch is Northrop Grumman's 12th successful flight of its Cygnus rocket since 2013. [03:37.32]I'm Jonathan Evans. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 11运夺金走势图遗漏