[ti:Washington Nationals Win Team's First World Series] [by:www.knnrug.live] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.04]The Washington Nationals defeated the Houston Astros Wednesday night [00:06.13]to win the professional baseball championship in the United States. [00:11.80]The game took place in Houston, Texas, on the homefield of the Astros. [00:19.60]It was the seventh and deciding game of Major League Baseball's so-called World Series [00:27.16]– even though countries from around the world do not compete. [00:32.48]All the teams are from the U.S. except one: The Toronto Blue Jays of Canada. [00:40.92]The score of the final World Series game was five to two. [00:46.23]It was the first World Series championship for the Nationals, or Nats. [00:54.64]The team had to depend on what had become a defining part [01:00.00]of their recent performances, coming from behind late in the game. [01:06.84]Team manager Dave Martinez, who had faced calls for his dismissal [01:13.09]earlier in the season, spoke of resiliency. [01:17.20]He said that the team needed only to win that day's game to turn things around. [01:25.40]"Guess what, we stayed in the fight," Martinez said Wednesday, [01:30.12]repeating what had become a team slogan. [01:33.76]"We won the fight," he added. [01:37.80]The Astros scored one run each in the 2nd and 5th innings of the game. [01:45.32]Washington had scored zero. [01:48.71]But in the seventh inning, the direction of the game turned [01:53.57]when Nats player Anthony Rendon stepped up to the plate. [01:58.68]He hit a homerun, and the Nationals were on the scoreboard. [02:05.16]Two more runs followed, when Nats player Howie Kendrick hit a two run homer. [02:12.18]The Astros never scored another run. [02:15.72]The Nats scored another run in the 8th and two more in the 9th. [02:22.96]"The way this game went is the way this whole season went," [02:26.90]said Nationals first baseman Ryan Zimmerman, who was the team's first player chosen [02:34.32]after it moved from Montreal, Canada to Washington in 2005. [02:40.64]"What a story. What a fun year, man," Zimmerman said. [02:46.24]Nats pitcher Stephen Strasburg received the most valuable player award of the World Series. [02:53.73]He won Game 1 and Game 6 of the series with only two runs against him. [03:00.88]He struck out seven batters in each game. [03:05.00]Strasburg called the experience of winning a championship "surreal." [03:11.88]"To be able to do it with this group of guys is something special," he said. "We didn't quit." [03:19.44]The series itself made history. [03:22.44]Each visiting team won each of the seven games. [03:27.37]Washington won games one, two, six and seven in Houston, [03:34.08]while Houston won games three, four and five in Washington. [03:41.76]I'm Caty Weaver. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 11运夺金走势图遗漏