[ti:US Companies Set to Have Drones Transport Food, Medicines] [by:www.knnrug.live] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.04]People in some parts of the United States could soon [00:04.68]have medications and other products flown directly to their homes. [00:12.60]CVS Health Corporation is partnering with international shipping company UPS [00:20.11]to set up a product delivery service for CVS customers. [00:26.36]The service will involve drone aircraft. [00:30.25]The two companies announced plans to develop and test the system last week. [00:39.24]The service is expected to begin tests in one or two U.S. cities [00:44.65]in the coming weeks, Reuters news agency reported. [00:50.72]UPS said the program would involve direct drone deliveries [00:55.95]of prescription drugs and other products to homes of CVS customers. [01:03.44]The new partnership marks the latest expansion of the UPS drone company Flight Forward. [01:11.92]Flight Forward has been operating about 10 drone flights a day [01:16.91]to deliver medical materials on the grounds of WakeMed Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina. [01:25.12]Some of the flights involved emergency blood supplies. [01:30.60]This month, Flight Forward received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration, [01:37.16]FAA, to operate as the first U.S. "air carrier" with drone delivery services. [01:46.28]After the approval, UPS announced plans to expand Flight Forward's [01:52.05]drone deliveries from healthcare to other industries. [01:58.04]Other businesses that have sought FAA approval for drove delivery services [02:03.96]include online seller Amazon and Google's parent company Alphabet. [02:11.64]Alphabet's drone company Wing received federal approval earlier this year to fly delivery drones. [02:20.32]Last week, Wing announced it had launched a test program [02:25.30]that delivers non-prescription medications and other products to people in a Virginia town. [02:34.16]Wing's project is a partnership with international shipper FedEx [02:39.46]and Walgreens Boots Alliance, the owner of Walgreens drugstores. [02:46.68]Walgreens customers in the town can order from a list of more than 100 products [02:53.07]and get them delivered to their home by drone. [02:57.76]The first test flights involved drones that flew [03:01.31]about seven kilometers from a Wing storage center to nearby houses. [03:08.12]Each aircraft is able to travel as far as 19 kilometers on a single flight. [03:15.52]The company says it plans to expand travel distances in the future. [03:22.36]In January, the FAA proposed rules that would permit drones to operate over populated areas. [03:30.92]But final federal rules for drone use are not expected to be finalized until at least 2021. [03:41.36]Another company that has been testing drone deliveries is Uber. [03:46.36]The ride-sharing company has experimented [03:49.64]with food deliveries for its online food ordering business Uber Eats. [03:56.44]Uber received permission from the FAA last year [04:00.43]to test food deliveries by air in San Diego, California. [04:06.40]The company said the first tests involved food orders from McDonald's restaurants. [04:14.28]During testing, food orders are sent through the Uber Eats app to one of the restaurants. [04:21.64]Workers load the food into a box, which is connected to the delivery aircraft. [04:28.36]The drone is then programmed to fly to a special landing area. [04:33.80]From there, an Uber worker takes the box and completes the rest of the trip on the ground. [04:41.88]In the future, the company plans to land drones on top of parked vehicles [04:47.80]that Uber drivers would then use to deliver the food to customers. [04:54.16]The company is planning also to use self-driving cars to support its future drone delivery services. [05:03.72]Luke Fischer is head of Uber Elevate, which is developing the service's flight operations. [05:11.32]He says the company is still experimenting with possible methods [05:16.24]that would permit the drone to complete the whole delivery by itself. [05:22.48]These could involve drone landings on specially-designed mailboxes [05:28.08]or use of parachutes to drop products close to customers' homes. [05:33.80]But Fischer said these methods would be difficult in most big city environments. [05:41.80]It is not known when Uber will receive permission to expand its testing [05:46.84]and delivery services to other parts of the country. [05:51.48]But this week, the company released a photo of a newly-designed Uber Eats delivery drone. [05:59.64]The company says it expects the new aircraft to take flight before the end of the year. [06:07.04]I'm Bryan Lynn. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 11运夺金走势图遗漏